CAMARTEC has a VISION of undertaking professional R&D in Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technologies for the provision of high quality technical services to clients in enviromentally friendly manner. Also to become a leader in the provision of Agricultural and Rural Development Technologies in Tanzania and neighbouring countries is its MISSION
In pursuing its day to day activities, CAMARTEC has the following major functions;
1.   To carry out applied research in areas of agricultural mechanization and rural technologies suitable for use in           agricultural and rural development.
2.   To develop and manufacture approved prototypes and evaluate their suitability for consumption.
3.   To adapt foreign designs to suit local conditions of manufacture and maintenance.
4.   To test farm machinery, implements and equipments intended for use in agricultural and rural development.
5.   To conduct short course trainings designed to provide practical skills and knowledge.
6.   To offer consultancy services on the designing, testing and other technical aspects of agricultural machinery.
7.   To act as a national link with other national and international institutions engaged in activities related to                 the functions of the Centre.